New/Returning Webmistress


Due to unforeseen circumstances, JackieJLH has asked me to return as Webmistress of Sycophant Hex, and this change will be effective immediately.

For years, Jackie has played an important role behind the scenes at SH that many simply do not know of. For this and for so many other reasons, she continues to be a valued member of the SH team, and we look forward to working with her into the future.

All along, I have continued to be the site patron of SH. For this reason, I am honored to return to the position of Webmistress, and I will continue to serve you and SH in this role.

Please know that SH will continue to move forward. The entire SH team continues to work hard every day to support our archives, your loyalty and all of your creative contributions.

Many thanks for your ongoing support!

--CareCrystal on 11/07/11 - 06:27 pm (0 Comments)