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Reviewer: Nichalia Signed [Report This]
Date: 28/03/09 - 02:45 pm Title: Chapter 3

Oooooh, I like this fic. You're not really going to let Draco die, though, right? RIGHT? They'll be happy and keep pink fluffy bunnies and have lots of sex and babies... right?? And happiness??

Reviewer: gryffindor Signed [Report This]
Date: 26/03/09 - 11:29 am Title: Chapter 2

Please tell me the character-death warning isn't about Harry or Draco, 'cause then I'd have to stop reading and so far, I love this...

Author's Response: Uhm. It's not? Okay, it is. I'm sorry. But I really hope you keep reading anyway... Thanks for the review!

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