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I was born on the 9th of October, and since then it's all been straight downhill. As is, I have some talent, at least towards writing, or so I've been told. I'm not sure that I would call what I have talent.

Really writing is something that is in me. I couldn't imagine a day without writing, and because of that I have an insane ambition... To be a writer.

Currently I'm back to my roots, of writing fanfiction! Yay!

I write because there is a story in my head that wants out, and writing is great therapy. There is really little else to my life, unless you count all of the personal stuff, but I try to avoid going there too often...

-Cassie Blake

"The world is deathly beauty, tremble before it, but fear not the steps you take..."


Lightly across my cheek, phantom fingertips trace,
Voices from memory, drifting whispers to my ear.
Taunt me all my life long, but never, never leave me,
Memories my dreams, my beautiful night,
Living longingly in the shadowed dawn's regret.
Tenderly my thoughts they leave me, and there's nothing more to fret.

So is it when the night skies fade grey,
Left to hide throughout the light of day?
How is it that you can turn me so willing from the sun,
What is this feeling, this magic so far gone?
Ah, but when the skies scorched indigo from dying light,
It is sweet liberty I find with you in diamond studded night.

Your breath so light across my throat,
I but await the honeyed velvet of your lips.
In the depth of your eyes, how I drown,
And from your heavenly mouth fall sweet sins,
Still but I am lost to fond memory,
With naught but hope I close my eyes, in prayer for this night tomorrow again.

And the dawn with angry vengeance comes,
Again I die just as I do upon the waking of every day.
It is someone else in the possession of my body,
For I am trapped, hopelessly lost in memory.
Lightly across my cheek, your fingertips trace,
Never a dream or phantom in my memory.

--C.K. Blake "Phantom of Memory"
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They say that hindsight is twenty-twenty. Here is a tale told in hindsight. Begin at the end and see the mistakes, the confessions, the forbidden. Power is in passion, but knowing the outcome, what is changed? BZ/HP. Implied DM/BZ. Implied DM/HP.

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