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Harry and Snape find themselves sharing a ride home.

Rated: B
Categories: Slash
Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drabble, First Time, Humor, Romance
Warnings: None

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 859 - Hits: 559
Complete?: Yes - Published: 23/05/09 - Last Updated: 23/05/09
Upon seeing Snape again, Lupin regrets not taking up for him years earlier. Some things come back to bite us in the arse.

Rated: L
Categories: Severus/Remus
Characters: None
Genres: Drabble
Warnings: Non-consensual Sex

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Wordcount: 724 - Hits: 605
Complete?: Yes - Published: 22/03/07 - Last Updated: 22/03/07