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I am a generally uninteresting American undergrad university student who likes to write. I have no idea what I'd like to major in, and I just now realized I have to make an initial decision this semester. *faints* I wish it could be English, for writing, but I'd actually have to be talented for that to work, lol.

I discovered slash about a year ago, and although I don't have one particular favorite pairing, I particularly enjoy Neville/Draco, Neville/Harry, Draco/Ron, Lupin/Snape, Snape/Harry... Essentially, any pairing where there isn't more than, say one hundred year's difference or of a different genus (i.e. Dobby), and the author can convince me they are good together, I like it. I guess I'm just not that picky, lol.

I'm almost done (I know, I know!) with the third chapter of my fic, The Potion Sir Galahad Wished He Had. I don't know what possessed me to call it that. *shakes head* But another surprisingly long chapter will be posted fairly soon.

Oh, and if you'd like, check out my art at Illusions. It's not of Neville, but portraits of Harry and Severus. Why haven't I drawn Neville, yet? Hmm. I'll get on that as well, seeing how I'm writing a story about him.

*Update 2/6/06* I have a growing gallery on dA if you'd like to stop by. The link is in my website. I also posted the next chapter in my story, (part of it hasn't been betaed yet, but when it is it'll be here as well), photography, and other art not related to HP. Check it out!
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Ron frets over a dubious office liaison, but there is a surprise waiting for him at home.

Rated: L
Categories: Slash
Characters: Draco Malfoy
Genres: PWP
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retired featured story In desperate need of money when his Gran sends an owl to tell him he will be receiving no more allowance, Neville applies to test some of the Weasley twins' latest products. Little does he know they are starting a new line directed towards a more adult audience, and consider him a prime subject for testing an aphrodisiac. Taken from Challenge #86 from Woobies of Destiny Harry/Neville fuh-q fest. Not HBP-compliant, which makes it AU.

Rated: W
Categories: Slash
Characters: Neville Longbottom
Genres: Humor
Warnings: Alternate Universe

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Chapters: 3
Wordcount: 2815 - Hits: 736
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