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18, female, pennslyvanian. Current high school senior with plans of world domination. Favorite pairing is Hermione/Snape, though Bellatrix/Narcissa is a close second. Loves (other than the very obvoius HP) LOTR, Fleetwood Mac, Evanescence, history, Russian, the Matrix, Angelina Jolie, and playing the violin. Has many fun and quirky obessions and is one of the world's only professional groundhog wrestlers. ; ) IM=snarkysnape. feel free to chat me up any time!
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retired featured story A series of short episodes in the lives of Bellatrix and Narcissa Black. Warnings: sistercest, femslash, and a little bit of blood. *smirk* My ghetto mac won't let me select more than one character, but it is BELLATRIX/NARCISSA

Rated: L
Categories: Femslash
Characters: Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Incest

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Chapters: 3
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